Lawn & Garden Care

Lawn & Garden Care


Lawn & Garden Care Peoria IL

Lawn & Garden Care Peoria IL understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for their property.


Whether you’re looking for weekly lawn maintenance or garden bed maintenance, Lawn & Garden Care Peoria IL have a specialized team ready to meet your needs! Let our experienced and efficient mowing crew come take that tiresome mowing off your hands especially in the dog days of summer. While your lawn and landscaping loves the spring rains so do the weeds, let our professional garden division come and maintain your beds keeping your curb appeal at it’s peak!

Key Benefits of the Service

Watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. The experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn. Whether you are looking for a brand new irrigation system to maintain your lawn.

Extend your home with a beautiful garden
Your property value increases many times initial value
Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
Allround certified and insured landscapers
Our Landscapers attend annual training seminars